The Butler

The other evening hubby and I went to a one aisle theater and were seated on the second to last row, inside corner seats. Aside from my fear of claustrophobia and death by trampling, I had a bigger concern. You see, the theater was packed- except for the seat next to me. And wouldn’t you know it, a former co-worker was climbing over each person in my row when I noticed her eyeing the seat next to moi.

And it wasn’t until I saw the “cup of ice” that I remembered the tick that she had- choking/coughing/pop an ice cube in the mouth with a Halls cough drop/choke/cough repeat tick.

Perhaps I’d have enjoyed the film undistracted if I wasn’t hovering near hubby’s seat while getting a cramp in both my hip and neck from trying to steer clear from Typhoid Mary.

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