Things Jewish Mothers Say

While contemplating the past 14 hours of my mother’s day, I realized that I could be a sensation.

Here are some things I noticed that I said (or would say):

Where are my kids? It’s Mother’s Day, when will you bring them home?

…He has cancer- went for a routine check up and they found it everywhere.

They’re divorced, they’re divorced, they’re divorced and they should be divorced.

Go play with your father, I’m resting

He’ll do the dishes, leave them (say this over a 2 hour time frame)

What did you get? …I have to go to Lord & Taylor’s- I can return it for you.

Go choose which one you want before the others come. Fine, then you’ll get what you get.

Did you get breakfast in bed?

I would love to sit down and relax but I have laundry to fold.

Where do you want to go for dinner? Why am I asking you? No, I’m going to decide, it’s not all about you and what you want. If you don’t find anything to eat there then too bad. I’m not even hungry but we’re going and they’ll like it.

Go ask your father to give you a bath. Ok, just a sponge bath! Just get into your pajamas.

I’m not reading another book, I’m tired and I’m allowed some down time before I go to bed!

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mom of 3
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