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A Brisket, A Brasket

This past Shabbat, I had my extended family for dinner. When I planned the menu- brisket- I knew the butcher usually adds extra meat when giving a headcount. To not have leftovers, I left out a few heads. Boy was that … Continue reading

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Testing 1, 2, 3

This weekend, hubby and I were shopping at the local bulk market when I came across a PA System. Of course, I just had to have it for use in my classroom! When I went to grab the mic and … Continue reading

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Ew. Yuck. Vomit.

The other day while at the local playground, I ran into a fellow nursery school parent with their children. While on the seesaw, she noticed that her son had a booger. What happens next, makes my skin crawl. She proceeded … Continue reading

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Yeah, Yeah, OK.

This evening, I am watching The Voice while hubby is on his laptop- in his own world. During one of the performer’s performance, I truly disliked the voice of Amanda. It sounded as if she was screaming and just so … Continue reading

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I love Demi Lovato… but who allows her to go Live with those caterpillars above her eyes?

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Today I went to my favorite jaunt- the state store. And today, I was greatly offended by the obnoxious woman at the cash register. You see, when I placed my Skinny bottles on the belt, the woman smiled at me. … Continue reading

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Protected: Band Camp

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Can I Help You With That?

Again my new aupair asked if she could help me make my bed. When will I ever learn to use my noggin and say, ‘SURE!”??

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Tom Thumb

The day after Hurrican Sandy made landfall, my cellphone rang and it was our resident landscaper. He called to “check in” and see if we were OK. So I’ve updated his job description to this: 1. Must provide all maintenance … Continue reading

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Din Din

While running around on my kitchen as if on skates, trying to prepare all three plates for my hungry crowd, and then for myself, Hilga commented on the scene. “In my country, if you eat before everybody has something on … Continue reading

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