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Arrested Development

This morning, I received a frantic call from my mother: “the police are on their way!” Within minutes, I had 3 cleaning people scrubbing the grout in my shower, while I dealt with the po-po. According to them, someone had … Continue reading

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Protected: Ohio

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Old Country Buffet

I am a fabulous cook. Really, I am; even hubby would toss me that bone. But for the volume of meals I serve to my… dog, I should be wearing a bonnet and some gloves.

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Dream Lights

My kids must have every toy and aparatus they see during commericals on their network. That means, we just had to buy the Dream Lights which are really, lights shoved into the bellies of the unsold Pillow Pets. Unfortunately, unlike … Continue reading

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Strike A Pose

Nightly, I have bed-guests. Sometimes it’s two at a time, other times it’s three. However, it becomes more of an issue when all three are with me. Everybody has to be next to mommy and with three kids and two sides… … Continue reading

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“Operator. How Can I Help You?”

The other day I was in the kitchen with my mother when I asked her for a phone number. I was holding my iphone and all set within the contact section of my address book to add it. 4 minutes … Continue reading

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Want Product?

Since when did the word product, become plural, as in media? Any time I got to get my hair done, the stylist always asks, “do you use product?” What exactly does that mean? Which product? Mousse? Hairspray? Was adding the … Continue reading

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Would You Like A Bag With That?

I was at the store the other day, and I purchased quite a few things that I needed. Many of the items were bulky, but could still fit in a bag. Be that as it may, the cashier asked if … Continue reading

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God Save The Queen

Yesterday, while paying at the register at my favorite joint, the cashier asked, “would you like to donate to Save the Children?” The obvious answer was, “no,” as I just spent a nice chunk of change at the store and … Continue reading

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I Am Not An Animal

This evening my son’s diaper looked weighted, so I decided to let him air it out while I finished with the dishes. Bubbie, our new housemate, thought it a bad idea, for he would urinate on the floor. I reminded … Continue reading

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