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All That Was Missing Was…

the smell of trash, sound of sirens, and the stoop. Because just when I thought our hobo was semi normal, he started screaming and yelling profanities at the person on the other end of the cell. Note to self: implore … Continue reading

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Keep It Modest

I will never understand why women will pull out their compacts and start applying more lipstick and/or rouge  (blush if you’re from Jersey) while waiting for the bill to be paid at a restaurant. Are they afraid of walking out … Continue reading

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Protected: Make A Wish

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Game on!

Now, I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m thinking an Open Table type of solution would be best in my family for handling the volume of calls on my birthday. Any thoughts?  

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Birthday 101

I love birthdays, especially mine. I love the cards, calls, gifts and outtings to celebrate. …Wait a minute, did I say I love calls? While I do love calls… it’s the spacing of calls perhaps I’m speaking to. It goes … Continue reading

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I love it, I love it, I love it

These are the words I repeated in my head as I opened this year’s bday surprise from hubby. In fact, I do love gifts and opening them on my birthday, in spite of the fact that I either always return … Continue reading

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I Agree

Lately, I am enthralled by other table conversations while dining out. In fact, the other night I responded to someone a few tables away from me as they discussed something of interest. They of course had no idea I was listening … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me

For my special day, I decided to live it up like no other. That’s right, today was my day and I was going to celebrate come hell or high water! I decided to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to celebrate … Continue reading

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Let’s Regroup

Today was Valentine’s day in kindergarten… the room was decorated, the kids were dressed in red, the candy was set, the cards were in hand. The only thing missing: the game plan for the delivery. That’s right, 19 students with … Continue reading

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Johnny Come Lately

Nothing says romance like a last minute race to CVS for slim pickings on Valentine’s Day cards. That’s right: hubby didn’t get the memo that since Valentine’s Day was such a hit last year with girlfriends and wives, that they’d … Continue reading

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