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My Cup Runneth Over

It’s that time; trying to change from a bottle to a cup. Now, some would say that the time came and went, but those people don’t have other children, let alone 3. And, once you’ve been around the block, you … Continue reading

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Sit Ubu Sit; Good Doggie

Why is it that there are still parents who feel the need to place their child on a dog and pony stand to perform whenever a non-familiar face is present? Could you imagine if wives treated their husbands the same … Continue reading

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Addendum to Hypocracy

This evening hubby and I went out with friends to dinner and then to the local Sam’s Club to purchase the Stompeez slippers that he foolishly overlooked while shopping with the tots. Rather than spend $34 in the afternoon while … Continue reading



Hubby comes home 6/7 days a week with gifts for only the two oldest. Gifts of all price ranges and sizes. Shit they already have and/or don’t need. And each day the $15 here and $40 dollars there adds up. … Continue reading

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It’s been several years, but I am almost able to listen to the radio while driving in the car. That’s right, I am up for parole and hoping my two wardens allow me not only the chance to listen to … Continue reading

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That Was Easy

My daughter came with me tonight to the office supply store and instantly saw the “easy” button that her daddy has on his desk. “Mom! I want that button; I love it! I’ve been looking for it forever! You can … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For

When I was preggo the first time around, I ate dinner at my mother’s house. Some background: each Friday she made chicken. If she made a meat dish, she still had some pieces of chicken. Always an alternative could be … Continue reading

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I know that kids cough. I know it lasts for weeks and I know shit happens. Kids can’t stay home alone forever, bla bla bla. Buttttt, I do know that if a kid has a persistant cough, that means persistant spitlets … Continue reading

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Bare Necessities

When I was younger and looking for a new car, the major requirements were the cassette player and automatic windows. Now, the only requirement would be room for the portable potties and ipod chargers.

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