Is Hubby Home?

That is the hourly question I get from the grass puller as I try to leave my garage without being noticed.

In fact, I’m getting real tired of all the small chit chat that occurs between the two of us. I liked it much better when I could wave him off and simply say, “please stop smoking near our house while my kids are playing,” and run inside.

Now, it’s, “did you go to the doctor yet?” “How’s your grandkids?” “I really enjoyed the poetic mumble jumble you force me to read, then give to hubby.”

To make matters worse, he’s now showing up at my parent’s house doing odds and ends jobs that they didn’t even ask him to do.

If he shows up at my Shabbos table, you know we’ve reached the next level: our weekly payroll.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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