Vilde Chiya

Weekly, I play an ancient Chinese game called, Mah-jongg, with my mother and a new group of friends. Actually, like everything else, the Jews took it over and made it their own.

Anyhow, the day we play is the start of the week and often I am exhausted. Sometimes during the game, I will munch on some Snyder’s pretzels. Now, I am certain that I chew loudly and have been told by hubby to never eat them in bed near him again. But one evening, another player was also tired and asked for some soda and pretzels.

If you know me, I don’t need to go on and explain any further and if you don’t, then you ought to go to my first post and read on from there.

Crunch. Munch. Chew. Jew. That is the pattern of noise I heard from across the table.

I’m thinking we ought to play on Thursdays when we’re all not tired.

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