Hubba Bubba

Yesterday, while shopping in a tween store for my niece, I spoted a very annoying woman, talking on her cell phone while watching her two kids (babysitter?), wearing a burberry fall weather coat (definitely the grandmother) and chewing gum as if she had a 5 lb overcooked brisket in her mouth.

Clench, clench, clench as if physically trying to bite through a hunk of meat, she chewed, fast and with gusto as she spoke a loud Russian on the phone, all the while ignoring the children.

As if she owend the store, walking around, asking for help but unable to hear the response as she talked and chewed loudly.

I’m not sure which annoyed me the most, the talking or the chewing, but if I could only choose one annoyance, it was the cow like chew.

As if she had an entire fresh pack of hubba bubba, she chewed and bit like she was in the Guiness Book of World Records and had to “chew it down” to a chicklet size piece within 1 min.

Just thinking about it makes me want to go back in time and ask her to not talk with her mouth full.

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