Wet T-Shirt Contest

This afternoon I took the kids to Target for some sippy cups for my youngest. Within 20 feet of entering the store, I had filled up- correction, my toddlers had filled up the shopping cart with $1 items and more crap for their playroom. $246 later, we were headed out of the store when torential downpours came. I had no umbrella, 3 kids and enough room for 1 child to sit in the cart. I knew I’d have to run through the lot to my car and couldn’t afford to have the tots falling behind. So, I did what any impatient mother would do: I switched carts so the two tots could sit in the front and carried my youngest who figured out the spaghetti technique of wriggling out of my grip. We dashed through the doors and instantly were hit by the winds and buckets of rain as my youngest was slipping through my arms as I tried to steer the 80 lb. cart with 1 broken wheel. Big mistake.

Drenched is an understatement. When I got the kids and cart loaded into the car, my eldest’s balloon that she insisted come for the ride, flew out of the window. Not wanting to hear the extra whines on the 20 min. carride home, I raced after it.

Unfortunately, when I made it back to my car, I sat in a puddle.

Note to self: close all windows and the sunroof in the event that a hurricane appear out of nowhere and wear a padded bra.

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