Chill Pill

This evening hubby and I took the kids to dinner at one of the filthiest restaurants. Why would we go there? The other restaurant was closed… and the kids love to run up and down the ramp.

So we sat down at the weathered table and right off the bat, my middle child puts her entire mouth over the salt shaker.


After my near breakdown, we ordered the food and waited. When the food arrived, my eldest decided she wanted some of daddy’s meal. It wasn’t until the second helping from daddy’s plate to her’s that I noticed what had transpired. Hubby, sick in bed for two days hubby, used his own fork to scoop out noodles from his plate onto hers.

She was going to begin eating when I gave hubby the apparent look that he hates- the, “are you fucking stupid” look. In all honesty, I hadn’t realized my expression was so obvious and that he hated it- something I’ll try to hide better. But there it was, and he pointed it out.

“There, that’s the look I hate! The look that drives me absolutely crazy!” he said.

And all I could do was laugh. So my eldest asked what it was that I was laughing at and here is where daddy now goes bonkers.

“I’m laughing because daddy is sick and he’s used his own germy fork to give you dinner, not once, but twice!” I said.

Here is the part I am not proud of…

So, that was that. My hungry child who only seconds before was foaming at the mouth at the deliciousness of her tortelini, was now disgusted and afraid of getting his cold.

“You need medication,” was all he said.

Now, I’ll admit, I am a little nuts. Rightfully so, I do have 3 kids and don’t need extra colds running rampant through the house. But, I could tone it down a bit.

Meanwhile, my angry at mommy middle child had to go potty. Normally I’d take her to ensure potty seats and napkins upon exits were used, but I knew my youngest would have a fit if I left his sight.

“Take the potty seat,” was all I said.

But… it was the, “did you wash her hands well?” and the, “how did you get out of the bathroom,” comments that further put him to the edge.

While he decided to wait for the check, I took all 3 kids to the ramp. I figured, my youngest who can only crawl would enjoy the ease of no stairs and a hill, and decided to let him down, perhaps like “normal” mothers. I watched as he crawled around the disgusting, worn out carpet by the entrance to the mall, getting black from the grease stains and decided that medication may be best, but I’ll never be OK with any of the above.


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