Cabin Pressure

I have 6- 94 oz. bottles filled with water. 3 large soup pots. I have taken video of the three refridgerators filled with the necessary foods for when I’ll have to break the seal on them to feed my kids. Laundry is done. Batteries are set in my 8 flashlights and all 5 laptops are charged and shutdown. Cellphone and the kids’ ipods are charged. Gas is in the cars.

So one might say, I am well prepared to be in the house for days… no problemo, ay?

Hubby and Nanny are sick. Youngest is getting 4 top teeth and began sneezing and feeling cranky tonight. (Now, I can assure you that he does not have what hubby has… “How can I be so sure?” you wonder? Hubby only recently began to engage with the baby.) My middle child is now complaining she doesn’t feel well, but Bubbie squelched any concerns for hubby’s bug, when she informed me that 15 chocolate candy wrappers were found behind the sofas.

Needless to say, I am in my own worst nightmare: soon to be no power with no help and sick people.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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