Popcorn! Peanuts! Pimples

My eldest has quite the sense of sight; in fact, she often notices the sublime.

Once, she had a friend over who had ginormous legs- to which she commented… thankfully just to me.

But this morning, when getting ready for camp, I commented to N.Non-Eater (#2) that I must apply a warm cloth to her face, for she had a pimple. Unfortunately, big ears (and mouth) heard.

Eldest: “Why does N.Non-Eater have a pimple?”

Me: “Sometimes when one gets sick, it often takes the form in a pimple.”

#2: Eldest has pimples too.

Me: (Trying not to react)  “mommy has them too” (LIE! My skin is flawless).

Eldest: “No you don’t; I don’t see any on you…”

And then she continued…

“But #2 has a a whole lot of them, everywhere.”

I had to walk into the other room, for hubby’s frozen stare gave way to a thunderous laugh.

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mom of 3
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