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The Boys Are Back In Town

Hear-ye, hear-ye: the painted parking lines are back on the lot and driving/parking life can resume some normalcy. However, what to do about the lack of stop signs or driving protocol when trying to make a left hand turn (or … Continue reading

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Jack and the Beanstalk

This evening, I was startled by the filthy image slithering around my hedges; it was, our migrant worker. I’m not sure why I was shocked to see him after dinner just picking away at the shrub, afterall, he is here … Continue reading

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Today was the first day I returned to my children’s school and noticed that the parking lot had been resurfaced. And it wasn’t so much the smooth asphalt surface that struck a chord, but the mayham of cars poorly parked … Continue reading

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The Jews Are Back In Town

Well, I went a second time to the Lilly Pulitzer sale at the warehouse; this time, “day 2.” Yep! No wait! I walked right in and bam! I was given my large tote and on my way. Though the crowd … Continue reading

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NY Times

It was Eats All Night’s morning nap time and foolishly, I had previously scheduled an allergist appointment. Yep, tired and hungry, my typically pleasant boy was beginning to fuss- loudly. What to do, what to do. Looking through his diaper … Continue reading

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15 Items or Less

I find it amazing that people at the grocery store get overprotected of their wares when placed on the belt. Just the other day, I was loading my staples methodically at the check out counter and the gentleman before me … Continue reading

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The Shot Heard Round the World

While bathing all three of my kids, I decided that the most efficient way to wash their hair was to use the removable shower head; big mistake. One would think I scalded them the way they simultaneously screamed and carried … Continue reading

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Nurse Ratchet

The other day while picking up the tots from school, they both said they needed to use the bathroom before heading home. When the second child called me into the public bathroom to wipe her, I nearly died. She was … Continue reading

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Only in America

We have had a resident worker on our lawn for the past 5 years. His job is to pick out the grass, 1 by 1 to ensure no weeds. In fact, he picks them while laying on his belly. Rain … Continue reading

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