The Drill

My children have had the pleasure of having international sitters. And with that pleasure, they’ve also been the recipients of some special gifts from their homeland.

However, our house has also a revolving door that punts the sitters back to their place of origin within a week.

That being said, each time a new sitter joins our family, they typically bring them a special gift. Flash forward to our third sitter in 4 months. When Charro, (that’s what she’ll be known as) arrived, my kids bypassed the hellos and went straight to: “did you bring me a present?”

And customarily, the sitters will also bring a little something for the host parents as well. Our latest gift was a beautiful candle holder native to Charro’s land and when I went to put it in the display cabinet, I noticed the other gifts we received.

Suddenly, my cabinet felt more like a grave yard museum for fallen sitters, than showcase. And in that instant, I briefly thought “if this helper doesn’t work out, we’ll need a bigger cabinet.”

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