What Have You Done Lately?

This evening when hubby took Irie home, all hell broke loose.

It all started when N.Non-Eater was playing in the playroom while I was feeding Eats All Day and Night and Eater informed me that she’d made sissy on the floor. “A lot of sissy and she’s stepping in it everywhere.”

When going to clean up the playroom, all the while holding EADN, Eater told me that she had to go poopy. I quickly put her on the potty and asked if N.Non-Eater had more to go. Unfortunately the answer was “yes.”

While I ran her to the other potty, EADN was now in hysterics from not being able to maintain suction on my mams. So, I quickly went to wash the playroom floor, until the chants of “I’m done” began.

I went to wipe them at warped speed and sat down to continue nursing, but EADN was now too upset to eat, so I went to wipe up the floors.

Just as I was done, the potty bullshit began again. Running each child to two different bathrooms, I decided I had better urinate myself. Since both kids were stuck on the potty, I was forced to hold it.

EADN finally settled just when the stereo chant of “get me; I’m done” started. However, EADN also wanted some attention and made through his fourth outfit of the day and now needed to be changed.

Finally, after all kids were cleaned and wiped, I got to go. At that time, hubby came home, did a quick scan of the chaotic kitchen and naked toosies and wanted to know why the place was such a mess and what I was doing.

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