Ground Control to Major Tom

My night table looks like mission control for NASA. I have now three monitors from which to hear my children cooing from their bedrooms. The fact that they are back in the rooms is a coup, so ixnay on the monitoray or the rolling of the eyes.

Anyhow, last night I was tossing and turning from the amount of bright light these things radiate and heard the first child wake. I actually had to hold up the two monitors of the older kids to determine which was awake so as not to enter the wrong room.

Unfortunately for my light sleepers, the problem was solved when N.Non-Eater woke to inform me that Eater was awake.

Actually, the more unfortunate thing was showing Eater that her monitor now had the capability to hear me from my room; an intercom sort of feature.

So now, not only does she cry when she wakes, but she expects some sort of confirmation as if ordering through a Drive Thru.

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