The Turtle and the Hare

There is a MAJOR difference between mothers and fathers…well, not so major.

Here is an example of what I mean.

Scenario: Youngest child wakes up  for the day at 7:18 a.m. It is daddy’s turn to get her up and go down for breakfast.

me: She’s up, are you getting her?

him: Sh. I’m sleeping.

me: It’s 7:18, she is up and is saying she is hungry.

him: I don’t hear her.

me: I see her sitting up. She is up, she slept all night and is up.

him: I’m tired. You do it.

me: It’s your turn today, I did it yesterday. You went to bed early and didn’t have to get up at night with her, wake up!

him: Feels for glasses on nighttable like grandpa Joe. Slowly sits up, peels off breathe right from nose, takes off eye mask. (What a sight). Walks dizzily to the bathroom. Dre’s on the toilet. Puts his contacts in. Walks back to the bedroom  and finds his clothes. Grabs his laptop. Grabs his cell. GOES DOWNSTAIRS WITH LAPTOP! Let’s dog out. And then, is ready to get the child.

7:50: Child is finally being taken from the crib.

Scenario if mom was in charge that morning.

7:18- Child is up.

me: 7:18:01 Sec., Good Morning Baby!

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1 Response to The Turtle and the Hare

  1. Candice says:

    She’s not the youngest child anymore.


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