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Rescue 911

Bubbie thinks we need the super nanny. In fact, once my husband suggested that I needed to have the super nanny to learn how to discipline better. Well, tonight during dinner clean up the kids decided to unload their warehouse … Continue reading

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How about this?

While I am in limbo with what to do with the baby’s room, I did manage to get a sample of a darker shade of “pale blue.” At first, my mother and I went into the garage to paint a … Continue reading

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Bethany Getting Married

Does anybody else out there think her husband is an idiot?

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No Soup For You!

The nurse called the other day; she doesn’t think she’ll be off from her other job when I have the baby. This means: I’ll be the only one to clean the newly circumcized peppi.  What makes me even more…skeptical about … Continue reading

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OK, I changed my mind. While in the previous post I stated that I loved my paint job in the baby’s room, I must say that with the added stripe, I am torn. Originally, I went back and forth with … Continue reading

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“I am not an animal…”

…But she is. Today my child made thrice on the floor; different floors. Why? Let’s see… I put her on the potty, she went. 5 Minutes later, she went again. 10 min. later, again and so on! (And this is … Continue reading

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Yes, No, Maybe, Forget it, OK.

The painters are coming today… actually, they should have been here and still would not be here had I not called to ask, where they were. In any event, they should be here soon and I have yet to make … Continue reading

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A bit mortified

The other afternoon, post nap, I was holding my eldest child and sitting next to my youngest. They both were thirsty and asked for a drink. When I said, “I’ll get it, what do you want?” the eldest replied: “Nanny … Continue reading

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Well, I figured it out. I was thinking and thinking about the differences between men and women and where it all starts. Certainly boys wouldn’t know any better than to play with a doll had their moms or dads handed … Continue reading

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Buz Lightyear

I like to tape The View. I watch it just to stay abreast of the news. OK, news within the Hollywood community. Yes, some of the ladies are annoying and yes, if it weren’t for Joy or Whoopi I’d be … Continue reading

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