A day in the life…

It’s Saturday morning and hubby thinks we should go EARLY to the zoo. We are all up by 7:30 a.m. but somehow… can’t get out of the house til 11:00.

7:30: Go downstairs and make breakfast. See the milk cups in the sink from the night before and need to wash them in order to make new milks. Wash them and notice there is no milk upstairs in the kitchen and need to go to the basement.

Go to the basement and see the toys that should be in the toy closet are sprayed around the the entire downstairs. Clean them up.

Go back upstairs with the milks and make the pancakes. Serve the breakfast but nobody is hungry. Take kids to the playroom and find lost paci’s and need to wash them. Head back to kitchen and clean up from the breakfast that nobody but the dog ate.

Notice dog is thirsty but has no water or food. Clean her dishes too.

Change youngest who decided she didn’t want to go on the potty- for a change. Clean up playroom since every toy is taken out at once.

Attempt to go back to the kitchen to finish morning dishes and see dishwasher is full. Try to empty dishwasher and remember, I better put the clothes in the washer.

Go to the laundry room and see the potty from my car is still sitting with clorox and water in the sink, needing to be rinsed. Wash seat out and put back into port o potty and see that too needs to be cleaned; clean that.

Older child has to go potty. Put her on the potty and see younger child took out more toys. Clean up playroom (again) while eldest is making.

Wipe and get eldest done and she wants her milk. Give her milk and attempt second breakfast. Laundry is now ready for dryer but some clothes need to be hung up. There are no laundry baskets either for when the laundry will be done. Go upstairs to get baskets that are all filled and see bed is dirty. Change sheets. Too tired to fold laundry, so I use the dirty hamper for the newly cleaned clothes for transport from the laundry room to the kitchen where they will sit until “daddy sees” it has to go up.

Breakfast is ready and now its time to butter their waffles. Kids sit down, but youngest is NOW ready to go on the potty. Put her on the potty and continue cutting their waffles. Child is done on the potty and has taken off the entire roll of toilet paper, AGAIN, and now has to be re-rolled.

Daddy enters kitchen, in jammies.

Continue cleaning up the dishes and now attempt to get myself dressed; youngest is all ready. Eldest doesn’t want to dress yet. Deal with her crying that she’s “too tired.”

I am in bra and underwear and finally ready to get dressed when I hear hubby say, “it’s getting late, are we going?”

Go downstairs and start to tickle the kids’ teeth and wash their faces, then do their hair. It’s sunny out so I have to smother in lotion first. Child 1 and 2 cry from the lotion.

Attempt to make milk cups for when we are out of the house but youngest has taken off her socks; she doesn’t like them.

Get the older child dressed and youngest has ripped out her hair ribbons. Now, the older child is ripping her ribbons out also in a show of solidarity.

Clean up the trail of dirty pjs and clean socks, and remember that the laundry has to be switched from washer to dryer.

Baskets are still upstairs and the dirty hamper is already filled with clean clothes. Those clothes will sit in the kitchen for several days since, hubby is busy.

Almost 10:30 and I am now finally ready to finish getting dressed. I find more paci’s when making the beds and go downstairs to wash them, only to see daddy’s dishes in the sink. Dishwasher is full and needs to be emptied still.

Head back upstairs and Daddy decides it’s a good time to play the piano. Kids take socks off- but want to dance in tap shoes. I now have to find the shoes and tie them- tie them so the bows are perfectly horizontal to the foot.

Daddy is still in pjs playing the piano. Snack bag is not made, dishwasher is not emptied and socks and shoes need to be put on.

Kids stop dancing and time to get the show on the road, only, where are their shoes? One wants to wear tap shoes, the other sandals, and nobody can find their sneakers or socks.

Finally get the kids socks on and daddy puts the wrong shoes on the wrong kids, despite their complaints of too small/too big.

Change shoes and tell daddy to get dressed if we are going to go anywhere.

Nearly 11 and now we need jackets but nobody wants to wear their own coats. Kids are crying and daddy, still downstairs says to the kids, “if you are going to cry, I’m going to go out alone.”

Jackets are now on and we head out only to realize, they don’t need coats afterall; it’s hot. However, we do need the right sunglasses. Get into the car, strap kids into their car seats despite cries of, “I want to sit in that one…” Guess what? Now they both want milk.

It’s way after 11:00 and now it is too close to lunchtime; we’ll never find parking at the zoo. Rather than walk 5 min. to the playground across the road, we drive to another neighborhood playground.

Youngest makes a poopy in her diaper, but guess what? There are no wipes in daddy’s car. Daddy is pissed with mommy for not being responsible. What? Because mommy was in charge and is supposed to get all that we need.  What was daddy in charge of??

Bringing his sunglasses and gatoraid.

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