Excuse me.

So being pregnant makes your gas smell differently. It makes something else a tad different as well, but I digress.

While trying to go to sleep for the evening, I noticed I had to pass gas. However, hubby was still wide awake and not yet under the covers. What to do, what to do?

I farted and lay as still as possible.

Hubby on the otherhand, was NOW ready to get cozy and went to lift the covers. While on the way to my side (for a change), he was detoured to under his shirt, gasping for air.

Furious with me for being so impolite and “animal” like, he lay pissed and cursing for the next 3 min.

However, what he didn’t realize was… that shit lingers. And lingers. And lingers.

He didn’t sleep in the other room, but I had to sleep with my eyes open to be sure he was dead asleep before I continued.

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mom of 3
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