I know I have already commented on this, BUT…

I can’t stand laundry day. It seems like everytime I finally get the hamper downstairs, wash it, dry it, place it near the stairs, get it up the stairs and place it by the wall in my room, keep it there for a week or so til I get the courage to fold it, leave it there for another few days til I can manage the energy to put it away, it’s time to do it all over again.

I have 3 baskets currently piled along my floor. The hamper is full.

I have neither the energy, desire, nor courage to begin the mundane task of sorting and folding, let alone put it away.

Wish I could be more like hubby… passive, turn that blind eye and have a penis. Apparently those are the qualifications one needs to not have to deal with the entire laundry process.

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1 Response to Laundry…AGAIN.

  1. jan epstein says:

    rachael you’re hysterical! as i saw you fly into the pediatrician’s office today with that emormous umbrella & i said to my daughter “here comes mary poppins! without you even saying a word, just by your gestures i was chuckling! keep up the good work! love to your family. jan


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