Way back when new-eater was non-eater, I used to say, “if only she ate cookies, I would be thrilled! At least its calories!”

Well, I take it back. The child formerly known as “eater,” has now become non-eater and non-eater is now eater! They have switched rolls. New eater will eat steak, chicken, rice, spaghetti, whatever it is that I place before her. But my former good eater: nada. We’re down to the random noodles with butter, fried chicken (only “Tina’s” fried chicken) or oreos. Sometimes I’ll give noodles but she won’t eat them. Sometimes I’ll try chicken and she won’t eat that. It’s really all dependant upon her mood that day. However, she is always in the mood for oreos.

I used to hear other mothers complain, “my child only eats desserts… they only eat noodles or my child only eats hot dogs.” I would sit envious because my child ate nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. Had she had just noodles or just desserts I would have been thrilled because it was calories/fat.

Well, now that I have that type of child, guess what? I’m not so happy. I know… can’t win? But let me explain.

I see babies eating dog shit out of a jar with a baby face on it, and they’re happily eating. I see tots having hamburgers; lamb chops, tuna, egg salad… you name it. There are kids that will eat ANYTHING. It doesn’t have to look appetizing, colorful, gourmet… eaters will just eat anything.

Yet my child who used to eat nicely, turns her head anytime I place the two items in front of her. Gd forbid I throw a different shape noodle; a vegetable…grain of rice on her plate.

So, while she’d be happy scarfing crap down all day and gaining weight, I am displeased.

Maybe the third time will be a charm?

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