Table for ONE, sir.

The past few weeks, new eater has been living it up in my room; literally. While she is past the age of naps, she will occassionally fall asleep around 3. And while she may only sleep for about 1hr/1.5 hr, bedtime gets even later!

But the thing that gets me is: she isn’t tired enough to nap in her room, but while “resting” in mine, she’ll nap. This means one of two things: no TV or no phone for mommy. That’s not always true: if I am on the phone or watching TV when she’s falling asleep, it’s fair game. But most of the time, I am reading a magazine and I look over to the sounds of her tiny snores.

Ok, so she sleeps at nap time in mommy’s room, “big deal?” right? RIGHT. Cause guess what? By 2am (if she waits that long) she is coming back in to my side of the California King. In fact, I can’t remember (*yes I can; it was the night we conceived baby #3) a time when she hasn’t parked herself next to me.

It’s not as if she is a still sleeper; I wouldn’t mind that so much. But she slides into me, requests me to face her while I sleep, kicks me, puts her legs all over me, inches towards me all night so that I am clinging to my night table to not fall off the bed. Gd forbid I get up to go to the bathroom or I’d lose my width space altogether.

So, I ponder different sleeping arrangements (of course, never with her in her bed) where I am in a bed for one. And I don’t even need a roomy twin bed; I’d be happy to sleep on a massage table.

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