What is that?

Last weekend hubby and I went to the theater…the movie theater. It was either: see a movie or dinner. I opted for a movie during the dinner hour and figured we’d have a few min. to grab chinese. However, with the massive snow mounds and the particular film gracing our local theater, the lines changed everything. What to do? I certainly coudn’t go without my chinese food once it was in my mind.

So, I ordered my egg roll and mock General Tsao’s chicken and got it to go.

I know what you’re going to say, “how can you do that?’ Easily, I was famished. Besides, people are always burping bologna sandwiches my way and gnawing on popcorn as if they’ve gone without food or beverage for days, so why not?

I waited til the lights went out and noticed I was the lone seat with that one spotlight that remains “dim.”

As quietly as I could unravel my paper bag containing my egg rolls AND DUCK SAUCE, I bit into my first roll. Delish. However, I was now eager to wolf down the entire thing but had that spotlight ratting me out.

A few heads turned this way and that, but I was cautious to hide as much of the scent as I could. However, when the mock chicken came out, that was another story. You would have thought I farted from the amount of “tsks” it seemed I was getting.

It’s alright though…I peeled and ate my clementine to wash away the chinese smell.

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