Each morning I am dressed and out the door by 8am to get to my job 10 min. away which doesn’t start til 8:30. Why do I leave so early?

There are approximately 25 spots for 40 employees at my place of business. If I am not into the lot by 8:17, I am forced to park several blocks away and walk the walk of shame.

For the past few weeks, I have been getting the last spot. It’s usually me and a fellow coworker (and the coworker has seniority in the building). While I feel remiss, I did get there first.

Today, I came one way and the fellow professional came another. We both had the green light and both eyed the crossing guard unnecessarily standing in the middle of the lot entrance. I thought to myself, should I jump the light and turn first, or let him have it?

Well, one would have thought Wonka was giving out the final ticket the way we both flew in at the same time.

Unfortunately, my wave to the guard (more to get out of the way), cost me the last spot.

But tomorrow, he’s going down.

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