Nothing but Borders

This afternoon I thought I’d take the kids to Borders to peruse the books but by the time we got out of the house, it was too late. “How about the library?” I suggested. I always loved the library as a child; the loads of books one could take out with a simple card.

Disgusting mistake.

We got to the library, one zip code over, and the kids were so excited to choose DVDs. Doing the best that I could, I grabbed them for the kids and we moved towards the empty children’s section. And then non-eater saw it. The computer…and it was vacant.

Climbing up to the keyboard, I was paralyzed with fear. Too late! She was already intimate with the keyboard; touching the mouse and engaged with the game on the screen. Yuck.

As I start to search for the wipes in my pockets, I notice eater is playing with the germ cube on the rug. Double yuck.

Not knowing whose hands to wash first with the two sanitizer wipes that I had, I started with keyboard girl. Not happy that I grabbed her from her game, she climbed right back onto the seat and continued typing away.

Meanwhile, when I turned back around, I saw eater with her mouth, sucking on the cubes. My eyes grew wide with panic as I grabbed her and started to gather our belongings.

What happens next made me ill beyond all recognition. A lady who had walked into the bathroom 10 min. before emerged with her library book in hand.


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