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There comes a day when a mother can no longer walk naked amongst her children; an age when it’s just no longer acceptable. That day came when my 45 year old just couldn’t handle naked mommy dressing the children for bed. It started when my girls and I took a shower instead of me giving them a bath. Daddy was all ready with the towels for the girls and I was getting myself dried. And then I heard it: I want mommy! So, I did what any mother would do; I walked into my daughter’s room and got her. But then they started to play around with which pajamas they were going to wear and each wanted what the other had on. And as I was sitting there, all the while naked, I notice my husband staring at me in the scary sort of way one would stare if they showed up naked at work.

Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin after 10 years together and 2 kids delivered with two scoops of chocolate, I got up and went to my room. Not thinking that my body has changed from the days when I opted to “stay in” vs. go out for the date, I sat before my mirror to see what made him stare so embarrasingly.

It turns out, it wasn’t the miniature golf course on my thighs nor my dangling tatas at my knees. Slightly higher… it was the 70s afro.

Note to self: stop canceling the waxer just because the kids want mommy.

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