Show and Tell

Today I was returning to my classroom from testing and noticed the Monarch butterfly tent; something was moving. Knowing that our caterpillars died day one, I was startled to see something move.

Looking closer, I tried my best to withhold my shrill. A COCKROACH! (The third cockroach in my room; fourth I’d seen on the lower level). The kids were in the other classroom watching a film, so I quickly assessed that I would be the one to have to unzip the bag. I opened the recess door, unzipped the net and tossed it on its side. Leaving the entire net outside, I resumed to my duties of ensuring all lunch bags made it into their backpacks.

As soon as the movie ended, the kids rushed to the room to play. A cute little girl with pink polish came to me, “where’s my bug catcher?”

“Bug catcher?” I thought. …And then it hit me.

Show and tell. This child had show and tell today, and I just tossed her roach.

girl: I can’t find my bug catcher, did you see it?

me: I’m so sorry, I threw it outside, I saw a cockroach in it and didn’t know. The catcher looks JUST LIKE OURS….

her: It’s a cricket, not a roach.

me: …Kids, help me find the cricket!

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