Excuse me, could we borrow that Cross?

While perusing my weekly Jewish newspaper, I noticed something that struck me as odd. Typically, I begin like all other Jews and read the engagements, births, obits, and then I may or may not scan the real estate section. If I’m feeling really hard up for some light reading, I may even read the cover story to see what’s what. But today, while flipping to see how many dead grandparents would be rolling over in their graves from the growing gentile marriages that would be had this week, I accidentally turned to the obituary page. What amazed me were the massive quantities of mug shots before me! “Mitzy Kleinberger was a mover and a shaker who will be missed by all…” “Hymie Schwarz, husband, father, grandfather, and golfer….” and so the stories go.

It’s one thing to read a name and their bios, but to now see professional headshots?? What’s next? Flowers, ken a hora, poo poo poo at the shiva house?

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